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It protects your baby and your health. Have safer pregnancy.

Welcome to iEmbryo Kit

The Pendant's function is to protect you and your child from a premature birth. 


If any of warning signs are detected you will be alerted on your phone. The pendant also detects your stress level. Stress may cause many dangerous health issues for you and the baby.

The pendant is wearable. You simply attach it to your trousers or other piece of clothing. It's small, light and unobtrusive.

This is iEmbryo Pendant
This is iEmbryo Ultrasound Probe

The iEmbryo US probe enables you to check the health of your child on your smart phone.

 The iEmbryo operates on the same principle as the ultrasound machine you can find at any hospital.  It works the same way as the ultrasound device at your doctor’s office. 

The iEmbryo US probe is a smaller version of that machine. If you think there is something  wrong,  you can simply send pictures and videos of your child to your doctor. This is the easiest way to communicate with your doctor. 

It enables you to check the health of your child on your smart phone anytime you want. 

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